Saturday, February 25, 2012

St Peter's Way stops off at St Thomas Mores...

Confirmandi and catechists with baptismal font and paschal candle at St Thomas Mores
Today our young people preparing for the sacrament of confirmation spent the afternoon at St Thomas Mores thinking about the sacraments of Baptism and Reconciliation, talked about our image of God and who we pray to, and found out more about the lives of St Thomas More and St Angela Merici.  

We listened to the reading of Jesus' own baptism and reflected on the fact that we are beloved sons and daughters of God.

We remembered that at baptism we are baptised:
in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
This led us onto thinking about our image of God and how this may have changed from when we were younger, or may change as our relationship with God develops.  

Although our confirmation programme is based on the life of St Peter, we spent some time hearing about other saint.  Sr Maureen talked about St Thomas More, which was very fitting as we were at St Thomas Mores!  Sr Zela spoke about  St Angela Merici, who is the foundress of the Ursulines and the Company of St Angela, she explained how she was willing to speak up and respond to the needs of her society. At that time she wanted to extend the opportunities for women.  She suggested that confirmation was a time when the young people might think about what they see as a need in their lives and maybe have the courage to follow Angela's example.   

Sr Zela talking about St Angela Merici
The day also included an opportunity for working together and making sure no one edged off the 'magic carpet'. Everyone had their role to play, just as in the Church, the Body of Christ.
Confirmandi on the magic carpet
Later that afternoon, the confirmandi began to reflect on what and who had been important in their life journey so far, and what their hopes for the future might be. As we continue on the programme there will be further opportunities to think more about life as an adult member of the parish community.  For those who have been confirmed it is a good opportunity to think about what you do and might do within the parish.

If anyone would like to share their memories of their confirmation, or reasons why they chose their Saint please get in touch using the contact form or leaving information at Cathedral House.