Saturday, April 28, 2012

A joyful celebration

Over a 100 people gathered to celebrate the golden jubilee of Sr Maureen.  The congregation included: members of her family, past teachers and pupils, other Urusline sisters including Sr Gwen who spent some time at St Thomas More and Sr Anne, both of whom celebrated their own golden jubilees.  Parishioners and friends from St Thomas More and the Cathedral.
Sr Anne and Sr Gwen
Many people had been busy preparing for the day - food, the room as well as getting the Church ready and rehearsing the music. On the day, visitors were welcomed by some young parishioners, who later helped with the music and the Offertory procession.  The music group used their gifts and talents to lead us in singing hymns chosen by Sr Maureen.
Twig family welcoming
to St Thomas More
Music Group

Mass was concelebrated (a mass said by more than one priest) by Canon Stephen Shields, Fr Hugh Pollock and Canon Luiz Roscillo.After Mass, Sr Anne gave a tribute and shared memories from when Sr Maureen was training to become a nun and listed some of the many things she has done during the past 50 years.
One of the many cakes for shared lunch!
 There followed a shared meal - with so many people present some people moved outside to have their lunch in the St Thomas More Peace Garden.  
Kath Law and her sister Leah sharing lunch in the Peace Garden

More photos and memories of the day and the past 50 years in the coming weeks.