Friday, June 15, 2012

I love you - Memories of First Holy Communion

On Wednesday, we heard from Beth who spoke about receiving Holy Communion in the hand, today Terry, another member from the choir talks about receiving Holy Communion on the tongue. 
Terry shares some of her memories of her first Holy Communion, as she explains:    
"It was so amazing to be receiving Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time. We didn't have anything to eat beforehand - just like now, when people always fast for at least one hour before receiving Him. I knew that Jesus was going to give Himself to me completely: His Body and Blood, also His soul and even His Divine nature - His whole self, for the 15 minutes until the Host in which He was hidden was completely dissolved.When the time for Communion came, we knelt down at the altar rails.The priest placed Jesus directly on our tongues so that we didn't need to take Him in our hands. After a few moments we went back to our places. Everyone was very quiet during this time so that each one of us could say to Jesus in our hearts "I love you"  and could hear Him saying "I love you so much".