Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Servers - behind the scenes

Tidying up
Tidying up
A behind the scenes look at where all the Altar Servers get changed.  Here are three of the older servers sorting out cassocks (coloured vestment) and cottas (white, square necked outer garment). 

Learning how to use the thurible

Learning to use the thurible.
The thurifer is the altar server who carries the thurible, which is a metal container for the incense.  A burning piece of charcoal is put inside and then during the Mass, incense is added and the smoke that comes up reminds us of our prayers going up to God.  

After mass, altar servers talk about how to use the thurible.  Did you know that there are different types of swings - treble, double and single?  More news from the thurifers next term.