Saturday, March 4, 2017

Annual Lenten Lunches

On Wednesdays throughout the weeks leading up to the week before Holy Week a group of women come together each year to prepare and serve a simple Lenten lunch.  The Lenten lunch is straight after 12. 15 mass on a Wednesday.  They prepare what used to be the Bishop's room, and is now used for parish activities. 

Tables are laid with cloths and flowers and soup, sandwiches and cake are sold to raise money for Cenacelo. There is a shared table so no one feels left out, even if someone comes on their own and a few other tables for any who wish to sit with friends. Although there is time to share news, there is also a scripture reading whilst people eat, making it an ideal way to fulfill the pillars of Lent - prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving. Everyone is welcome.
Marie explained: "Our customers are as much part of this event as the 'staff', they spend their money, make donations and so it is really a parish team effort". 
More about Cenaclo community and news from the Lenten lunches in a few weeks.  
Lenten Lunches 2015 when children from
Cathedral primary came to read the scripture passage.