Ideas for activities for young people within the parish
We are currently talking to young people in the parish and those arriving to study at the Universities of Cumbria and Lancaster to find out more about what they would like to do.  There will be an opportunity to share your ideas in a short questionnaire in the coming week - in the meantime, details of some of the suggestions.  Please use the general contact page if you have other ideas.  

CAFOD Great Generation 
Visit the CAFOD Website for further details about campaigning, fundraising, 
Nelson Mandela challenges us: “Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great...”. This call to greatness inspires us. It echoes the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus says "You are the light of the world... Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5) We are the light of the world, and a great generation!

YOUCAT Discussion Group 
Youth Catechism - Young people throughout the world are joining discussion groups using YOUCAT and finding out more about what the Church actually teaches about issues which are important to our faith and life.  Check out YOUCAT website

Film makers - 'That Cathedral Show'
Fancy being a film maker - if you'd like to create short films about parish life, about parts of the Cathedral / St Thomas More, or capture some stories from people in the parish like those in My Story - Sr Zela Proctor or Sr Maureen Coyne then opportunity for being in front and behind the camera.  

Youth SVP
 We currently have an SVP society in the parish.  Some parishes have a youth section - is this something you'd be interested in.  There would be ways to support the parish SVP group when they have parties for parishioners, or with their fund raising and ... who knows what else.  Learn more by following them on Twitter or check out the national Youth SVP Website

Film Nights
There are lots of films which raise questions and which its good to talk about.  Last year some got together to watch the film The Way ... which gave us lots to talk about - as they say You don't choose a life you live one.  Currently, looking to watch a film with others whilst we nibble and follow up with a natter afterwards.  Ideas welcome

Other ideas 
Meeting up for some sort of sporting event, organising events like Emmaus Meal, Advent Party, creating films about objects in the Cathedral, Talks and Discussion on topics of faith 'What's the point of ....?'

YOUR IDEAS ... There are lots more ideas - please check back to see further details. If you use our contact sheet to let us know what you'd be interested in, then maybe your idea will be on the page next time.
Gospel Prayer Group - Next meeting Sunday 22nd June 20014
4th Sunday of the month at Lancaster Cathedral after 6.30pm Mass
For further information contact Sr Maria on Tel: 01524 732684