Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just the start - Memories of First Holy Communion

Beth then and now ...

I have to say that I don't remember my first Holy Communion being particularly spiritual as I wasn't quite aware of my faith at the time but I can certainly say it felt important. To this day I still remember my first Holy Communion lessons which I still refer to now (left hand over right! and making a throne for Jesus). On the big day, I was put in a beautiful white dress made for me and had lovely new shoes which weren't all too comfortable but it marked a beginning of something new, different and very strange. I remember the idea of consuming the body and blood of Christ being hard to fully understand - to a certain extent it still is now! Of course this is because it is a mystery. But on my First Communion day it felt right, which is why I have been attending mass regularly ever since.

 St Cyril of Jerusalem

There are two ways to receive Holy Communion, on the tongue or in the hand. Whatever way we choose to receive Holy Communion, it is important to remember that we are receiving Jesus - we need to treat him with great care. To help explain the importance of reverence when receiving Holy Communion, St Cyril of Jerusalem explained that when receiving Holy Communion in the hand, you should: 
"make a throne of your hands in which to receive the King [in Holy Communion]." 
As Beth recalls, to make this throne we place our left hand on top and use our right hand to pick up the Host and place it in our mouth. Read other memories and posts this week to find out more about why Holy Communion is God's greatest gift.