Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Columban Missionaries

In January, Fr Tom  came to speak at Mass at the Cathedral to tell us about the work of the Columban Missionaries who work in 15 countries around the world.  There was an opportunity to learn more about the varied work of the missionaries throughout the world in the Far East magazine, if you didn’t pick up a copy then you can find more information here Far East Magazine.  Articles include:
  • ‘Equality in God’s House’ where a lay missionary shares experiences of the Eucharist that takes place on All Souls at the high fence between the United States and Mexico;
  • ‘Migrant children in the desert crossing’ which tells of the human trafficking
  • ‘Making light and giving life’ an innovative candle making project in the Philippines which is changing the lives of the women involved
  • Martyr for our times – Kari Leisner, a prisoner in Dachau concentration camp (a timely reminder that Friday 27th January marked the Holocaust Memorial Day).
To learn more about their work visit the Columban Missionary Society website and watch the video below where they welcome Pope Frances’ environmental Encyclical that will support them as they work for the exploited earth and people of our world.