Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lent 1A - Children's Liturgy

At the recent parish council it was suggested we post more information about what happens at children's liturgy. During Lent we'll be sharing our journey. 

Part 1 of our Lent picture and Bread and stones
In Children's Liturgy during Lent we will be getting a card from one of the characters in the Gospel story, who has a special message for us.  
We will also be showing a different part of a picture which we will be able to see in full by Easter.  We'll show you our picture as it builds each week. 

To guide us through we will also share a Gospel story for use at home with children.

And for a video reflection from our Lancaster Cathedral Young People facebook page Jesus in the desert.

Later in the week 
Stations of the Cross on Sunday at 4.00pm
Lenten lunches after 12.15 Mass on Wednesday
Reflection based on the Gospel using Art on blog