Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Family Fast Harvest Day

This weekend envelopes were given out and we were asked to consider having a simple meal and contribute the money we might have spent on our food to support the Harvest Family Fast appeal.  This year CAFOD video shows Fabiano who has to get up before sunrise to go and walk three miles to collect water for the family.  As we turn on our tap we might also want to take a moment to give thanks for how lucky we are and think about those who have to struggle to get something as basic as water.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Season of Creation Prayer

Pope Francis established 1st September as Day of Creation, and from then until 4th October when we celebrate the Feast of St Francis of Assisi is identified as Creation Time. The following prayer is one you may wish to use during this time.  If any children would like to send through their prayers and pictures for creation time then please hand to one of the children's liturgy team. For more information about creation time see CAFOD website

Creator of Life, 
The Earth is full of Your creatures, and by Your wisdom you made them all. 
At Your word, the Earth brought forth plants yielding seed of every kind and trees of every kind bearing fruit, the waters teemed with swarms of living creatures of every kind, and world was filled with every kind of winged bird, walking animal, and creatures that creep upon the ground. 

During this Season of Creation, open our eyes to see the precious diversity that is all around us. Enlighten our minds to appreciate the delicate balance maintained by each creature. Inspire us to conserve the precious habitats that nurture this web of life. 

Mountains, plains, rocks, and rivers shelter diverse communities, and through the changing seasons Your Spirit renews cycles of life. In the name of the One who came to proclaim good news to all creation, Jesus Christ. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

John Bradburne - Road to Sanctity

John Bradburne - Road to Sanctity
Ever wondered how someone becomes a saint? Want to learn more about the process and the cause that is being presented for John Bradburne who was a British Franciscan missionary who was murdered in Zimbabwe by pro-Mugabe fighters.?  See below for more information about John Bradburne.

We are very lucky to have  Prof David Crystal who will lead the day including DVDs, Discussion, shared food and Prayer. David Crystal has written a book about John Bradburne, for further information see 

Saturday 7th September 2019 at St Thomas More between 10.00 and 3.00
To help with refreshments please book at

The Cause
Cover of Book by David Crystal
For further details
The Vatican has approved the Sainthood cause of John Bradburne, the British Franciscan missionary murdered in Zimbabwe by pro-Mugabe fighters. The John Bradburne Memorial Society confirmed that the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome issued a formal “nihil obstat” on 1 July, allowing the Cause to begin. 

Bradburne, born in Skirwith, Cumbria in 1921, was shot in 1979 during the Rhodesian liberation war after he refused to abandon the Leper community where he worked. Accused of being a spy for the white regime, guerrilla fighters loyal to Mugabe are said to have offered Bradburne the chance to flee the country. He refused, knelt to pray and was shot in the back. The Cause will be officially launched on 5th September 2019, the fortieth anniversary of his murder. 
Strange Vagabond
“God’s love within you is your native land. So search none other, never more depart. For you are homeless save God keeps your heart.” (JRB)

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Jesus icon
Transfiguration icon: Centre piece
Lancaster University
Today we celebrate the feast of the transfiguration, when Jesus went up the mountain with his friends, Peter, James and John.  There Jesus is transfigured and his glory revealed. He is joined by Moses representing the Law and Elijah the prophets.  And God speaks words that remind us of Jesus' baptism, this time telling the disciples 'this is my Son, the chosen one, listen to him'.

There is an impressive icon at Lancaster University's Catholic Chaplaincy, well worth a visit. The chaplaincy is open during the day and is a quiet and peaceful place to pray and reflect on what the Lord may wish to reveal to you if you listen to him. 

Right is the centre piece of this impressive icon.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

St ignatius of Loyola - New ways to pray through summer

Today we celebrate the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola and share ideas relating to imaginative prayer and contemplation and the Examen, both forms of prayer common in ignation spirituality. 

Part of the ignation spirituality use a prayer and reflection practice call Examen, it includes reflecting on the day and where God was during the days highs and lows. Examen Prayer Card outlining how you can build this prayer into your life.

And for a daily reflection that last about 10 minutes, why not try out Pray as you go

And for couples who may be able to take a bit more time during the summer to try out the seven days Pray as you go retreat - a short video and reflection 'Where two are gathered'

Imaginative prayer a blog entry, Ignation contemplation: imaginative prayer 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Summer Holidays - keys, children's liturgy

St Peter's Keys
St Peter's Keys
Last week in children's liturgy we shared a picture with our young people of St Peter's keys and asked them to see where they would take St Peter and his keys during the holiday.  If you look at our post at the end of June Happy Feast Day see earlier messages.  We look forward to sharing new images over the summer, so please let us know if you have any photos using the contact form, either with the image below or a pair of keys.

Happy Holidays
Well its been a very hot week with some spectacular thunder and lightening ... signs of God's creation. 
Map from CAFOD's Kidzone
Map from CAFOD's Kidzone - Zin Zin Thu's video of keeping safe from storms
Children's Liturgy
A colouring page linked to today's Gospel reading on the Our Father Luke 11: 1-13, showing people sharing their daily bread

And for adults a reflection from Bishop Barron on the Lord's Prayer.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Pope's Prayer intentions for July

Pope Francis asks us to pray 
That those who administer justice may work with integrity, and that the injustice which prevails in the world may not have the last work.
Last month we remembered the medical profession, this month, we think about law and justice.  There are a number of saints who have a connection with law and justice and we've found some information for you about some of them.

St Joseph Cafesso - Patron Saint of Prisoners Feast Day 23 June

St Thomas More - Patron Saint of Lawyers and of course patron of one of the churches in our parish community.  Feast Day is 22nd June which he shares with feast day with St John Fisher. 
For an article about the prayer to St Thomas More.
Richert, Scott P. "A Prayer to Saint Thomas More." ThoughtCo, Jun. 22, 2018,