Monday, April 9, 2018

Bishop Paul Swarbrick

Bishop Paul Swarbrick

Today on the feast of the Annunciation of the Lord Bishops from across the country and priests from the Diocese and invited parish guests, civic dignitaries and family and friends came to Lancaster Cathedral to witness the episcopal ordination of Bishop Paul Swarbrick the seventh Bishop of Lancaster.  For short video from ITV Border Fiona Marley, see our Lancaster Young People's Facebook page.

We hope to share more photos in coming days, but for today we share a copy of the Homily at the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Paul Swarbrick and some photos from the day.

Left to Right: Papal Nuncio, Apostolic Administrator Michael Cambell,
7th Bishop of Lancaster, Bishop Paul Swarbrick
and Cardinal Vincent Nicholls

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The day before the ordination

Screen capture of Fr Stephen Pearson, Cathedral Dean
Fr Stephen talks to Radio Lancashire to provide further details about the preparations and plans for the episcopal ordination which takes place tomorrow.  

As he and Fr John-Paul reminded parishioners at Masses today, there are so many people who have been involved in preparing for the events ...

A reminder also that because of the health and safety and because of space the Cathedral will unusually only be open to those with a ticket.  But by Tuesday it will be open again as a place for quiet prayer and reflection as well as Mass at 12.15.

Visit from Bishop of Monze

Bishop of Monze Motto
Stay with us Lord
Today at the celebration of the 10.30 Mass, Bishop Moses, the Bishop of Monze concelebrated Mass with Fr Steve Pearson.  Fr Steve welcomed Bishop Moses and explained the connection that the Lancaster Diocese has had with the Diocese of Monze.  It is a reminder that we belong to the universal church, which as we say in the Creed is the One Catholic Apostolic Church.

During Mass Bishop Moses incensed the altar and because its Easter season he incensed the paschal candle, a sign of Jesus the Light of the world and resurrection.
Incensing the altar
Incensing the Paschal Candle

Incensing Bishop Moses 
Incensing the people

For the eagle eyed, it was lovely to see Bishop Moses at the start of the Eucharistic prayer, give a small clap of the hands as he said the words 'Let us give thanks and praise'. 

Bishop Moses at end of Mass

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Bishop Michael Campbell OSA

At the Easter vigil Bishop Michael celebrated his final mass at the Cathedral his parish church.

This week he will have had a lot of final ... events, he marks those with his thank you and farewell final blog post.  If you want to look to find out more about what Bishop Michael Campbell has been doing over the past nine years then check out his blog site.

In his final post he tells us that his successor has plans to continue, so we will be able to learn more about what he does in the coming months.

"Being the Bishop of Lancaster has been a graceful time" BBC Radio Lancashire interview 

We pray for Bishop Michael Campbell as he moves onto his new role.  We pray for Bishop Elect, Canon Paul Swarbrick  We pray for people of the Diocese during this time of change.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Ordination Count down

Some of the many lists of
 to do things
Over the past months a vast amount of work has been taking place in preparation for the ordination of the 7th Bishop of Lancaster, Canon Paul Swarbrick.

Vestments ready for visiting Bishops
During the past week things have been laid out in the Cathedral and things are prepared for the Archbishop, Papal Nuncio, Bishops, priests, parishioners from across the diocese, family and friends of our next Bishop.  
Inspire display of Bishop's vestment

Getting ready for refreshments

We pray for Bishop elect, Canon Paul Swarbrick as he prepares to become the 7th Bishop of Lancaster, and remember with thanks all those people who have supported him in the past and who have been involved in preparing for this important day in the life of the Diocese.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

Paschal Candle 
Paschal Candle

Happy Easter

Peace be with you

For the next eight days we will celebrate Easter, each day of the Easter octave is a time to give thanks and celebrate that Jesus is risen.

Alleluia, Alleluia

Bishop Michael Campbell OSA
At the end of the Easter vigil, Fr Steve  noted it was the final Mass Bishop Michael would celebrate in the Cathedral, his parish church before the ordination of Canon Paul Swarbrick on Monday 9th April.  He thanked him and on behalf of the parish promised prayers for his future ministry.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday Crosses

Today we gathered at church in silence, the priests wore red vestments as a reminder of Christ's passion and death on a cross.  The adults listened to the Liturgy of the Word which included a retelling of  John's Gospel, they then prayed for the world, venerated the cross and then received Holy Communion.  Today is the only day in the church year when Mass is not celebrated.

Whilst the adults celebrated the Lord's passion, some of our children prayed the stations of the cross, reflecting on the crosses they carry, the people who help them when life is hard.  They created some crosses inspired by the El Salvador crosses which show Jesus with images of our everyday life.  To show them we've created a short video which shows the crosses they created.  The children then came into church and reverently venerated the cross before returning to their parents.

For those who haven't been able to attend church today, we post a video made by a parishioner a few years ago, entitled The peaceful beauty of Lancaster Cathedral.