Sunday, November 18, 2018

World Day of the Poor

Pope Frances has declared Sunday 18th November World Day of the poor.  

We are asked to pray and think about what actions we might take to help the poor. This might be friendship to someone who is lonely, or invite a neighbour for a meal, or food contributions to support the Homeless Shelter, or following the Morecambe Food Bank reverse advent calendar, or say a special grace remembering those who hunger.  The two videos below share a prayer reflection from Vladimir and a musical reflection based on the hymn 'The Lord hears the cry of the poor' 

To read more about this day and the theme which is taken from Psalm 34:6 'The poor man cried and the Lord heard him' read the Pope's letter on World Day of the Poor 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

We will remember them ...

Today throughout the country as we remember the centenary of the peace marking the end of World War 1, we especially remember those who died and the many family members whose lives were affected by World War 1.

At 6.00am Fr Steve will join with others at the Lancaster Castle where a piper will play Battle is o'er to mark the armistice and signing of peace to mark the end of World War 1.
To learn more why not visit the Inspire display at the Inspire display at the back of the Cathedral.
Part of Inspire display to mark World War 1.
Sadly we still do not live in a world of peace, we pray for peace in our hearts, in our families and in our world today.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Sacramental Preparation Information Meetings

As eagle eyed readers of the blog may have noticed we've added some new pages for our sacramental preparation.  There is now a page for each sacrament where there are details of our sacramental programmes so something for everyone - please look at sacraments pages.

St Peter's Way - Confirmation Programme

Our preparation programme is for young people who are year 9 or above.  There is an information meeting for young people and their parents on Sunday 2nd December after 6,30pm MassThe meeting will give you a chance to ask questions and to hear more about the programme, which is designed to give young people a chance to revisit the sacraments of initiation and think about what it means to be a Catholic today. 
At the end of the meeting adults and young people will be given a form to fill in with contact details and then one to take away and complete by Christmas. 

My Lord and My God - Reconciliation and Holy Communion Programme
Our parish preparation programme is for children in year 3 or above. An important part of the programme are the sessions for parents and adult supporters - Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Godparents are also welcome. 
The information meeting is for adults only and will take place at Cathedral House on Tuesday 4th December at 7.30pm  You will be asked to complete a form with contact details and then one to take away and complete by Christmas.
This meeting is earlier than usual so please spread the word to anyone who maybe interested.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Two new saints

St Pope Paul VI and St Oscar Romero
On display in the Cathedral today, photographs of two new saints. On Thursday we shared a short video of Saint Oscar Romero.  

Below is a short video of St Pope Paul VI who was known amongst other things as the pilgrim pope.  See what else you can find out about this new saint.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Blessed Oscar Romero

On Sunday 14th October Blessed Oscar Romero who was killed for his faith (martyred) will be canonised and become a saint.  

The short animation below talks about his life and shows some of his sayings, which one means most to you.  

Saintly Popes

October is the month when two of the Popes in the twentieth century were made saints on 27th April 2014.  Today we celebrate the feast of St John XXIII and on 22nd October we celebrate feast of St John Paul II.  For further information about their lives and reflections by the Franciscan friars.
St John XXIII - 11th October 
St John Paul II - 22nd October

This short video people share their stories of John XXIII who was responsible for Vatican II.

St John Paul II.  
In 1982 Pope John Paul II who is now a saint visited England.  We encourage our younger parishioners to try and find someone who went to see the pope when he came to visit and share their memories.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Harvest Fast Day

Today is Harvest Fast Day ... What can you do?
In schools young people are being asked to Brighten up this harvest and build a brighter world.

Last week we shared Lilian's story and how she was helped by CAFOD.  Today we share Lilian's prayer which we might make our own.
Thank you Lord my God for being with us.I thank you Lord and I pray that you protect us.I pray you will protect me in the future.I thank you for everything you have done for me. Amen