Sunday, December 18, 2011

O Lord - O Adonia

On Sunday 18th December we celebrate O Adonia 
Adonai means  Lord
Celebrating at home
Read Exodus3:2 spend time reflecting on the words of the Antiphon.
mp3 to open a separate page and link to the Latin chant.
LATIN: O Adonai, et Dux domus Israel, qui Moysi in igne flammae rubi apparuisti, et ei in Sina legem dedisti: veni ad redimendum nos in brachio extento.

ENGLISH: O Lord and Ruler the house of Israel, who appeared to Moses in the flame of the burning bush and gave him the law on Sinai: come, and redeem us with outstretched arms.

Celebrating with children

Find and read Exodus 3:2 and talk about how God appeared to Moses in the burning bush. Soon we will celebrate that Jesus has come to us as the light of the world. Share ways in which we can share his light with our friends and family. 

You might sing the verse from the hymn O Come Emmanuel
O come, O come, thou Lord of might,
Who to Thy tribes on Sinai's height
In ancient times didst give the law
In cloud and majesty, and awe.

For a 5 minute video cartoon of Moses and the burning bush