Sunday, February 19, 2012

A treasure to be valued ...

As well as international visitors to our blog, today two Religious Sisters of Mercy from Alma, Michegan in America attended 10.30 mass.  They took the opportunity to look around the Cathedral before heading off to find the martyrs stone on East Road. (For parishioners, a trip down memory lane, or up the hill of East Road! Some images of the parish walk to the martyrs stone in 2009 click here)  
Our visitors spoke about the Cathedral as "stunning and beautiful" and said, what they noticed, in comparison with their own church, was the "rich heritage of the martyrs, a treasure to be valued".  They were pleased to hear that our Confirmation candidates, who were enrolled in our Confirmation programme St Peter's Way, will be introduced to the lives of the martyrs and the Communion of Saints.
Sr Edith Mary and Sr Mary Christine: Religious Sisters of Mercy
For more information about the Religious Sisters of Mercy and learn more about their Charism and vocation see their website
Visiting the Cathedral
There are many people who visit the Cathedral and value it as a place of prayer, leaving comments about the peace and sense of God they experience as well as requests for prayer.  Maybe during Lent you could bring someone to visit and see for themselves our 'stunning and beautiful' place of worship