Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Procession

May is the month of Mary.  On Friday there will be a May procession starting in the Cathedral Primary School playground at 2.00pm and ending with Benediction (around 2.30pm) in the Cathedral.  Parishioners are welcome to join the children.  
For a craft activity ideas for how to make a Marian banner with prayers and symbols linked to Mary click here
A parishioner writes about their memories of a May procession when they were at school:

I went to a school called 'Our Lady's' and I remember how during May we used to take flowers into school to place around the statues of Our Lady.  Then one day we would have a procession and crown one of the statues with a crown made of flowers.  It was a great honour to be chosen to place the crown of flowers.  We also used to sing a hymn to Mary 'Bring flower of the rarest'.  When ever I hear this hymn it always reminds me of that childhood memory.  A crown for Mary as Queen of Heaven made from 'jewels' of natural beauty made from God's creation.    

St Augustine says to 'sing is to pray twice'.  If anyone has a favourite hymn then please get in touch to share your memories and its connection with your faith journey.