Wednesday, May 29, 2013

V2: Sisters of Nazareth

The Sisters of Nazareth are the religious order with the longest connections to the Cathedral parish.  Established in 1899, to care for the poor, they moved into their current home in 1902, moving from Dalton Square in the centre of Lancaster.  For a fascinating account of those early days, see the post in Lancaster Cathedral's 150th Anniversary Billington's Blog.  

Nazareth House Today
Sisters of Nazareth Logo
Continuing their tradition of caring for young people and the elderly, the sisters of Nazareth are supported by staff in running a day nursery and care home.  Each weekday there are prayers for vocations offered between 6 and 7pm, all are welcome to join them in their chapel.

Sisters of Nazareth across the world
The Sisters of Nazareth have houses throughout the world including other parts of the UK, Ireland, America, Australasia, and South Africa.  For details of their work visit their national website.  

Opportunities to learn more about religious life
The Lancaster Vocations website has details of discernment days and weekends being offered to give individuals an opportunity to find out more about religious life.