Sunday, June 2, 2013

V2 : Ursuline Sisters

This week we have been praying for vocations to the religious life. Religious sisters and brothers (nuns and monks) show us in a special way how to devote our lives to God. They give up all their possessions so that they can live lives dedicated to prayer and service. They live in communities to teach us the importance of loving one another. We pray for those God is calling to make this special commitment, and for those who already live this way of life.

Ursuline Sisters
We are very lucky to have the Ursuline sisters living and working in our parish.  Those who go to St Thomas More's will know how much Sr Maureen, Sr Jane and until recently Sr Zela do in the parish.  Sr Zela moved to London to help with Ursuline vocations.  She has: a blog, where you can find out more about the teaching of St Angela, the lay ministry of the Company of St Angela and the Angelinas (more about them in coming weeks) a facebook page with updates and links to other Ursuline activity, and the ursulines also have a regular tweet!

With the help of God you will do much good for others
 St Angela Merici
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And whilst they work and pray very hard, they also know the importance of relaxing!
Srs Zela, Maureen and Jayne relaxing on Lake Windermere