Wednesday, June 5, 2013

V3: Priesthood - Guess who?

Can you guess which priest said the following?
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Amongst x other joys The joy of relaxing on a Sunday night with a bacon sandwich and a mug of tea! Guess who?

God knew what would make me really happy and would bring joy to my life – to be a priest – a joy that I know I have not earned or deserve. Guess who?

“Variety” is a hallmark of the diocesan priesthood. In all the variety, I can truly say it is indeed a great joy to be a priest, serving Christ and his people Guess who?

For me one of the great joys of priesthood is the challenge of preaching the faith in our modern world of discoveries – in helping people to see that science and religion, faith and reason are in harmony. Guess who?

We are sometimes reminded that the word ‘Gospel’ means ‘good news’. For me, when I hear some good news I can’t wait to tell people – and that’s true of the Gospel too! One of my greatest joys as a priest is sharing the message of salvation. Guess who?

After forty plus years I can honestly say that I am in the right vocation, and I do recommend the priesthood to any of you single young, or not so young menGuess who? 

In recent years God has set me to work with a group of young men trying to overcome addictions to drugs or alcohol. This would never have been my choice, and yet, by journeying with these broken men and watching their lives begin once again to take shape, I have learned so much about the love of God Guess who?

When I first considered a vocation to priesthood, I couldn't have imagined that I had the gifts needed to do what I now do. But God provides what is needed when the time comes. Guess who?

You might think that a priest lives a very constricted and perhaps controlled way of life. But my experience has been just the opposite. Guess who?

As I pulled the wrong way on the reins, and the poor mule carried me half-way into a big thorn bush in Peru, I thought, "This is different!" Guess who?