Sunday, July 7, 2013

Going about in pairs

Peace to this house
Welcome to our home
Come in and tell us more Good News
To share the Gospel, children attending children's liturgy were sent out in pairs to visit other children who played the home owners.   The pairs visited a group and followed Jesus' instructions saying 'Peace to this house' and were welcomed by others who invited them in for tea! 

Server Training 
Servers learning to genuflect in pairs
Our pair theme continued after Mass, when Kirsten, 'Master of Ceremonies' started training some of our young parishioners to become servers.  With some experienced servers on hand to help, the new servers were asked to watch their partner and genuflect together.  More about altar serving next week.  If there are any young parishioners who have made their first Holy Communion who would like to become a server then they should join Kirsten after 10.30 Mass next week.