Sunday, July 14, 2013

Many hands make light work

In today's second reading St Paul's letter to the Colossians reminds us that the Church is his, Jesus' body, with Jesus at the head. In Corinthians we hear how the body is made of many parts and each of us as a part to play.  This morning there was lots of evidence at St Thomas More's of the many people in the parish community each playing their part.  As well as the usual 'ministries' of welcoming, music, serving, children's liturgy, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, parishioners helped with preparations for the week ahead and Sr Maureen's funeral. There was a book and photo of remembrance and photo montage see below.
After Mass Sr Zela described the final few days and how Sr Maureen died peacefully without fuss, typical of how she had lived her life.

Children helping to set up Children's Liturgy Focal Table
Parents helping their younger children reflect on the
Parable of the Good Samaritan and think about
who they will help in the week ahead
After Mass, people helped to set up tables and here one of the parishioners helped to rehang the curtains and get the room ready for the many visitors who will come for refreshment after Sr Maureen's funeral on Wednesday.  Whilst others signed up to bring food and help with refreshments, checked service sheets and arrangements for the week.  This evening others were planning on helping to tidy the garden.
Hanging up the curtains
Photo montage of the varied ways Sr Maureen
has lived out her vocation