Friday, July 5, 2013

V7: Deacon Jim Wood a call to service

Deacon Jim helping Bishop Michael Campbell
in this act of service.
Deacon Jim is probably best known to parishioners who attend Saturday evening Mass or from diocesan celebrations at the Cathedral.  He is not able to join us on a Sunday because he spends much of his time as one of the chaplains at Lancaster University.  To see an earlier post about a welcome meal for students in Cathedral Library.  Jim provides a warm welcome for many students when they are far from home and earlier this year he welcomed our confirmandi to Lancaster University chaplaincy.  

At the Mass of the last supper he helped the Bishop to wash the feet of 12 parishioners.  Above you can see him washing Sr Jayne's feet whilst one of our confirmandi looks on.  He is wearing the vestment of a deacon which is known as a dalmatic which is a symbol of service, as deacons are servants within the Church.

As a deacon Jim was ordained to be a minister of God’s Word and service. Deacons are heralds of the Gospel who are called to service especially in charity. This week we pray for vocations to the permanent  diaconate.  Last Sunday we remembered Saints Peter and Paul, just as they were called to preach God’s word, so may the Lord call deacons to bring His Gospel to the world in word and in loving service.