Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Thank you for your service

There are many people within the parish who helped to make the First Holy Communion Mass a really special occasion. Our prayers and thanks to all who helped to make the day special. Fr Steve who celebrated mass and was joined at Communion by Fr Andrew, the servers who did an excellent service and set a wonderful example for future servers, to our readers, two of the many who read each week to help us hear God's Word, to siblings of our first communicants who brought up the offertory.  To Damian and the choristers who sang during Mass, Josie who welcomed parishioners as they arrived, Gerry who took the photographs, Jane and Catherine who had prepared the flowers, Claire our sacristan, Caroline and Clemmie who set up extra chairs as well as their working all weekend for the Art exhibition for Aid to the Church in Need. 
How many services within this one picture?
Priest, servers, offertory procession, catechist, sacristan, florist and photographer!
Last but not least thank you to all the catechists who all had roles on the day but have also shared their faith and helped the parents and families as they prepared their children to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. 
Holy Communion Catechist Team 2017

Fr Steve writes: I also wish to express my (our) deep gratitude to the Catechists who have helped to prepare them, and our Confirmation candidates, for these recent celebrations. The Catechists give of their faith, time and effort on behalf of our community so that people are well prepared for these milestones in their lives of faith. Thank you to all of them for hard work faithfully delivered. Fr Steve