Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Cribs

We shared yesterday that St Francis of Assisi was said to have created the first crib, with a real live baby, which would have cried just like Jesus. The short video below tells us more about why St Francis made that first crib.  And below our first parishioners crib 'O come let us adore him'

O Come let us adore him
This crib belongs to one of the parish catechists, who writes, a few years ago a parishioner gave me a card with their child looking at the crib at the Cathedral, the words on the front are: 
'O come let us adore him'.  Since then I have saved that Christmas card and each year put it on display as part of my crib, it reminds me of why we have the crib.

I light the candle behind Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus, just like we do in children's liturgy to remind me that Jesus is the light of the world.