Wednesday, May 16, 2012

God's Word: My Lord and My God

Children chose Old and New Testament stories 
On Sunday we had the first of three sessions for children enrolled in our parish preparation programme for Holy Communion 'My Lord and My God'.  We were looking at God's Word and talking about our favourite stories from the Bible.  We talked about how the Bible is like a library full of lots of different types of books - history, poetry, letters.  

We played a running game trying to decide if characters were in stories from the Old Testament (stories before Jesus was born) or the New Testament (stories after Jesus was born).  There were a few to trick the group.  Saul who an anointed Samuel in the Old Testament and was Saul of Tarsus who we know as St Paul who wrote many of the letters we hear in our second reading on a Sunday

Children deciding if the character was from
the Old or New Testament
Next week we will be learning how to look up passages in the Bible and focusing on some of the many stories where Jesus shares a meal with his friends.