Thursday, July 19, 2012

St Peter's Keys visit St Pius X, Barrow

Today, St Peter's keys found there way to St Pius X parish in Barrow (above).  Two of the year 6 girls standing next to a picture of a descendent of St Peter and a predecessor of our current Pope Benedict XVI (right). 
Below the year 6 class, of St Pius X Primary school with St Peter's keys on the altar.  What can you see in the photo that reminds us that Jesus is present?

Year 6 pupils with the keys of St Peter
Mrs Tumelty, St PiusX
retiring Headteacher
On Sunday, at the cathedral we gave thanks for the hard work of all teachers, especially those at the Cathedral and Our Lady's Catholic College. On Friday, St Pius X, primary school will be having a special celebration for their head teacher Mrs Tumelty who will be retiring after 27 years. You can see her standing next to a statue of St Pius X.
Which saint does St Pius X primary school motto remind you of?
Be joyful, keep the faith and do the little things well.
St Pius X 
Pope Pius X (1903 to 1914) is sometimes known as the 'Pope of the Blessed Sacrament'.  He was responsible for lowering the usual age of receiving first Holy Communion to the age of reason, about seven.  He believed that 
'Holy Communion is the shortest and safest way to Heaven."
He was canonised in 1954 St Pius X and his feast day is on August 21st. For more information about St Pius X click here.
A motto linked to Pope Pius XII was: "To restore all things in Christ" (instaurare omnia in Christo) 
His coat of arms has a lion that is the symbol for St Mark, the Evangelist.  Hope is often symbolised by an anchor.  Here the anchor is in a stormy sea, it reminds us that hope is like an anchor for our soul when we face difficulties in our life (Hebrews 6: 18-20) or as Pius X said:

"hope is the sole companion of my life, the greatest support in uncertainty, the strongest power in situations of weakness."

Colouring page for St Pius X click here
In the Te Deum window at the Cathedral there is a symbol for all four evangelists, writers of the Gospel, can you find St Mark?