Sunday, June 10, 2018

First Holy Communion

Entrance procession

Today eleven of our young people came to the end of their preparation programme My Lord and My God and received Holy Communion for the first time.  

This is the start of their their journey of faith when they may be nourished by the Eucharist.  

As Fr Steve wrote in the parish newsletter:
This will be a day when these youngsters enter into a Eucharistic connection with our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Already unity to Him through their baptism, this next stage of their Catholic identity lasts more than a life time ... it is the food for the journey into eternal life with Christ.  Christ their Saviour becomes Christ their friend.

First Holy Communion Group 2018
Fr Steve continued: 
May I take this opportunity to thank the families of the children for their continuing care for their life of faith.  This continuing encouragement from them to pray, to come together for Sunday Mass and to stage close to the values of the Gospel is the most important duty for Catholic parents.  May I also express my deep gratitude to the Catechists who have helped the children and the parents prepare for this great celebration.  Thank you children, families and Catechists.  Fr Steve